24 Hour Enforcement Ltd works in partnership with 24 Hour Security Enforcement Ltd, which offers security services throughout the UK, undertaking the following services:

Uniformed Security Officers

Security Personnel are normally the first contact that your visitors have with your company, thus the importance of front of house security impression of your company is paramount.

24 Hour Security Enforcement have developed a comprehensive induction programme to ensure a courteous, friendly and efficient approach to meeting and greeting visitors.

All our employees are supplied (free of charge) with full uniform clothing, including Black Tie, White Shirts / Blouses, Black (Nato style) Jumpers, Black Trousers, Black Shoes. Hi Vis Jackets and vests.

Reception Security Officers

Our Security Officers are able to issue temporary / permanent passes / badges as well as conducting personnel bag and vehicle searches if the need arises. 24 Hour Security will conduct themselves in an appropriate member and with the reputation of you at the forefront of their thinking, when carrying out these actions.

24 Hour Security Officers are able to observe, interrogate and if need be vetting/ screening and ensure your absolute security. Specifically as part of their duties 24 Hour Security Enforcement Limited staff provide additional added value services such as energy saving patrols, conference room preparation, fire extinguisher checks and assistance with help desks.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols can be arranged to be undertaken at specific times, e.g. out of office hours, Saturday and Sundays, Public Holidays.

Mobile Patrols to your premises are to ensure that all windows are closed and secure, all fire exits are secure, checks will be made that any portable electrical equipment is switched off and checks on toilets to ensure all taps are turned off to avoid flooding.

External checks will be made that there is no signs if vandalism or criminal damage, or attempted entry, damaged windows.

In an effort to avoid ‘Call – Out’s’, of our clients all matters will be dealt with by our Mobile Patrol personnel and reported as soon as possible to our client.

Door Supervisors

Our Professional S.I.A. Door Supervisors are well-known for their positive and outgoing attitude, flexibility and reliability, high standard of personal presentation, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and high level experience in search procedures and customer-facing role.

The following are included as part of the roles and responsibilities of our Door Supervisors.

–   Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.

–   Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.

–   To maintain the venues search policy, professionally and politely.

–   To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment.

–   Assisting patrons and dealing with their concerns.

–   Observing the behaviour of patrons in the venue and maintaining the venues code of practice and conduct,
by dealing appropriately and safely with those who are causing offence and potential danger or risk to
themselves and others.

–   To ensure that licensing laws are upheld to prevent any criminal offences occurring in the venue.

Additional Services

As well as our services mentioned above 24 Hour Security Enforcement Limited offer numerous other services to our clients. For example Store Detectives, Test Purchasing, Customer Service Reporting, Observations and Investigations, Covert Operations, Employee Bag Searches as well as providing security for events.