If you have been awarded an Employment Tribunal or ACAS conciliation, our enforcement team are able to attend on the employer to enforce the payment, which is owed to you.

In order for our enforcement officers to enforce your award, the amount due to you must be over £600.00 (Award, costs and any interest accrued) and should be less than 6 years old.

With the authorisation of our associated High Court Enforcement Officer, we are able to transfer your award to the High Court for enforcement for a court administrative fee of £60.00.

Our enforcement fees are recovered from the debtor on successful enforcement of your County Court Judgement or High Court Order.  We act nationwide and therefore can act expeditiously in undertaking your instructions.

We will undertake all of the appropriate paperwork on your behalf to be authorised by our associated High Court Enforcement Officer, which is then forwarded to the High Court to obtain the Writ of Fieri Facias.  This enables immediate enforcement to be undertaken on the allocation of our associated High Court Enforcement Officer (Sheriff) to an enforcement officer.

Please feel free to contact 24 Hour Enforcement Ltd at any time on 01227 750 966 with your enquiries and our specially trained members of staff will be happy to discuss your situation and satisfy any concerns you may have, regarding the collection of your outstanding commercial rent and all of our associated services. Alternatively, email us at info@24hourenforcement.com.