Here, at the 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited we are able to remove all commercial squatters from land and buildings. In order to remove squatters from commercial premises, court action is required to obtain a Possession Order.

Since squatting in a residential premises became a criminal offence, there has been a stark increase in commercial properties being occupied by squatters.

We offer one of the FASTEST, EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE services specialising in squatter evictions.  We undertake evictions on a LOW FIXED FEE basis.


What Can the 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited Do For You?

Court action is usually deployed to regain possession of the premises. Our legal team can assist you in obtaining an Interim Possession Order in some cases where certain criteria apply, allowing the police to assist in removing the squatters in a shorter time frame. Our legal team can also assist you in obtaining a Final Possession Order.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements with our legal team.

On obtaining a Possession Order, squatters do in most cases, choose to ignore the Order.

Our enforcement agents are able to remove the squatters as a matter of urgency on your behalf using the Common Law or through obtaining a Writ of Possession to remove ‘persons unknown’ from land or property.

The 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited provides the remedies to landlords of commercial premises.

We are specialists and second to none in the field of commercial squatter evictions and provide a full eviction scheme at competitive rates.


Call us now on 01227 750 966 to speak to one of our experienced members of staff to find out how the 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited can help you.  Alternatively, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and one of our dedicated debt recovery and legal agents will contact you to discuss your matter further.