If an individual or company owes you money and are refusing to pay, you are able to take court action against the debtor.

In order to make a court claim, our experienced legal team are able to initiate your claim online, using the Government’s money claim online service, which was set up to help make justice affordable and accessible to all.

This online service allows county court claims to be issued for fixed sums up to £100,000 by individuals and organisations.  Our legal team are able to quickly and effectively issue your claim online taking the complications and stress out of the court procedure, which can often seem very daunting.

On your claim being issued, the debtor has 14 days to either admit or dispute the claim for the outstanding money.  If no response is received from the debtor, our legal team can request Judgement by default.  Therefore, allowing you to take enforcement action against the debtor, in an attempt to recover the outstanding monies.

However, should the debtor object to the claim and issue a defence within the 14 days specified by the court, then the claim will be transferred to a county court and will proceed to a hearing.

Our legal team are here to assist you throughout the process and to advise on any issues you may be faced with, whether you are looking to issue the claim or have obtained Judgement previously.

Please feel free to contact 24 Hour Enforcement Ltd at any time on 01227 750 966 with your enquiries and our specially trained members of staff will be happy to discuss your situation and satisfy any concerns you may have, regarding the collection of your outstanding commercial rent and all of our associated services. Alternatively, email us at info@24hourenforcement.com.