Undertaking a repossession of a property as a residential landlord entails a different method to that of commercial property.  Initially you are required to obtain an Order for Possession from the County Court.

It is then possible to request that a Judge transfer the Possession Order to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer under Section 42 of the County Court Act (1984) by obtaining a Writ of Possession.

Please be advised that if you are also owed rent on your residential property by the tenant you can add a claim for money to the Possession Order for enforcement.

24 Hour Enforcement Ltd are able to act efficiently and effectively in executing the Writ of Possession through the authority of our associated High Court Enforcement Officer.

Please feel free to contact 24 Hour Enforcement Ltd at any time on 01227 750 966 with your enquiries and our specially trained members of staff will be happy to discuss your situation and satisfy any concerns you may have, regarding the enforcement of your CCJ or High Court Order and all of our associated services.  Alternatively, email us at info@24hourenforcement.com